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Custom Briley Shotgun Chokes

The process is easy and only takes a few weeks. If you are looking for shotgun chokes that are not widely made, or not made exactly the way you like, we can help. With a shotgun choke sample, we are able to provide the factory with measurements.
Briley makes THE BEST CHOKES, and that is why we recommend their custom shotgun chokes. As long as they have a sample, they can make nearly anything. Let us handle your custom choke orders, so you do not have to!

How the custom shotgun choke process works

  1. You send us one of your shotgun chokes
  2. We provide the factory with the choke and measurements.
  3. We see what shotgun chokes can be made.
  4. The factory makes the shotguns chokes.
  5. When the process is complete we send your original shotgun choke and new shotgun chokes back to you.

What we need
All we need is one of your chokes. In some instances there might even be a mass-manufactured shotgun choke that will fit.

What kind of custom choke can be made?
In most cases we can have nearly any type of shotgun choke made. These include:

  • Flush shotgun chokes
  • Extended shotgun chokes
  • Ported shotgun chokes
  • Spectrum shotgun chokes
  • Titanium shotgun chokes
    We can even do flush titanium!

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us with any questions as we are happy to assist.

Custom choke models we do:
ATA custom choke tubes
AYA custom choke tubes
Blaser BFF 95 custom choke tubes
Savage custom choke tubes
And more!

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